Inter-laboratory comparative tests scheduled by the EURL in 2020

  • Identification of Aethina tumida, the Small Hive Beetle, by morphological examination and PCR

Aims: To evaluate the conformity of the results obtained by the European Union (EU) National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) for the identification of Aethina tumida by morphological examination and PCR.

Requirements for participation: NRLs from EU Member States and NRLs from third countries (depending on the feasibility).

Inter-laboratory comparative test (ILCT) methods:

  • Morphological examination only.
  • Or morphological examination and PCR.

Matrix: Entomological specimens stored at room temperature in ethanol 70%.

Provisional Agenda:

  • Registration: February 2020
  • ILCT period: April 2020



Proficiency tests organised by the EURL are mainly intended for the NRLs and the Official Laboratories of the EU. If other laboratories are interested in participating, please contact the EURL ( for more information.


  •  Another ILPT will be organised on virology later at the end of the year