Comparative laboratory test on identification of Tropilaelaps spp. by Morphological Examination coming soon

Aims: To evaluate the conformity of the results obtained by the European...

Next EURL annual workshop in October 2023

After three online annual workshops, the 13th annual workshop will be held...

Welcome to the website of the EU RL for Bee Health!

ANSES was officially appointed as European Union Reference Laboratory (EU RL) for Bee Health by publication in the European Union Official Journal dated from 2nd. February 2011. The mandate took effect on 1st. April 2011.

The reference activities of the EU RL are defined by the Animal Health Law (Regulation (EU) 2016/429) and consequently cover bacterial (American foulbrood) and parasitic (infestation with the small hive beetle, Tropilaelaps spp. and Varroa spp. (varroosis)).

This website presents the responsibilities and tasks of the EU RL and the news and activities conducted by the EU RL and the EU National Reference Laboratory (NRL) network.